Hi, I'm Shannon McNab!

I'm a graphic designer turned surface designer living in San Francisco, CA. As a lifelong scrapbooker and crafter, my fondness for anything handmade heavily influences my playful design aesthetic.

When I'm not working in my cozy home office, you can usually find me at my local coffee shop, hunched over a sketch pad with a mocha or herbal tea in hand.

Shannon McNab | photo taken by Jessica Safko

My Artistic Journey

My love affair with surface design didn’t start until graduate school. While working towards a degree in graphic design, I took a textile design class as an elective on a whim. That one decision totally altered my focus as a designer and I’ve been obsessed with patterns ever since!

After graduate school, I started my career as a graphic designer; first, as a freelancer, followed by two years working in the e-commerce design department at Pottery Barn. While working my full-time graphic design job, I fueled my love of surface design at night: creating patterns and illustrations and selling them to the digital scrapbook community. 

I've been a scrapbooker since the age of 13 and so it was a natural progression for me to go from being a scrapbooker to designing patterned paper for other scrapbookers to use.

Eventually, digital scrapbook design developed into a full-time business and helped me land a few projects within the paper scrapbook industry with companies like Becky Higgins LLC and Echo Park Paper Co. 

Now after six years in the scrapbook industry, I'm expanding into other markets and look forward to new opportunities.

Design Inspiration

Since I was a child, I've always been drawn to crafting whether it was cross-stitching, clay sculpture, sketching, and especially scrapbooking. With my long crafty history, it's no surprise that my designs are often influenced by my many handmade pursuits.

I've also developed a love of traveling and world history – instilled by my parents who were avid wanderers. They brought my sister and I along on every trip, whether it was an RV trip up to Vancouver or a flight to Paris to visit my grandparents. My wanderlust fuels my creativity and often manifests in my work, especially in my many playful floral designs. 

I also have a soft spot for classic Disney animation and illustrator Mary Blair. As someone who grew up with an Imagineer grandfather who worked at Disneyland, many of my childhood memories are closely tied to Disney. I'm grateful to have such formative experiences that so heavily influence my whimsical character design and typography work.

Shannon McNab | photo taken by Jessica Safko

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Random & Fun Facts: 

  • Favorite color combo: Aqua + Coral
  • My favorite Disney ride is a TIE between the Disneyland Railroad and Indiana Jones Adventure.
  • I can be bribed with dark chocolate Reese's or a good bottle
    of Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • I'm one of those annoying people who listens to Christmas music all year round (at least I picked the right industry for that)!

Artist photography by the fabulous Jessica Safko & hair and makeup by Fox & Doll. I highly recommend them both!!

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