Online Courses for Pattern Design & Small Business Creatives

From 2010-2016, I worked in the digital scrapbook industry and gained valuable insight into running my own online small business. I celebrated big achievements and suffered huge setbacks – all of which I chose to see as learning experiences. And even though I've moved on from a business that sells directly to customers to pursue surface design, I want to help others avoid the mistakes I made.

I want you to know it is possible to grow your business without running yourself ragged and I'm here to help you on that journey. Let's tackle your creative business together!

Classes & Resources

Pattern Recipes

In this 1-hour LIVE design course, I show you how to build your own pattern templates in Adobe Illustrator, plus demonstrate how to make your pattern designs stronger.

Product Planning Guide

Stop wasting precious design time by building your own product planning strategies with this FREE 12-page Product Planning Guide.
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What Your Customers Really Want

In this 1-hour LIVE design course, I share easy to implement business strategies that help boost sales while decreasing precious design time.


Pro-Patterns: Learn to Build Scrapbook Patterns Like a Boss

From sketching out your ideas on paper to building conversational patterns to finishing papers with the perfect twist of texture, Pro-Patterns is the ONLY in-depth Illustrator pattern class created especially for digital designers.

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