Digital Creatives Clan Facebook Group hosted by digital design veteran Shannon McNab

Become Part of the Digital Creatives Clan

What is the Digital Creatives Clan (DCC)?

The Digital Creative Clan (or DCC for short) is a private Facebook group geared toward female creative business owners who design digital goods.

The DCC is meant to be a supportive community of like-minded creatives that are interested in expanding their skills, learning creative business tips, and sharing personal struggles and triumphs.

The word "digital" here means you are a creative business owner that sells any type of digital goods like invitations, clip art, digital scrapbooking product, printable art, planners, etc.

What do I get when I join the DCC?

You’ll gain direct access to ask me your most burning design and business questions and will be able to post your in-progress projects and receive constructive feedback from myself and your fellow designers. 

How do I Join the DCC?

The DCC is available to anyone who's taken any of my designer level classes at Scrapaneers or is currently signed up to attend LIVE! Pro in November 2016.

Ok, the Digital Creatives Clan sounds great and all, but how can being part
of the group actually help me grow my business?

I understand that there are dozens (heck, probably hundreds!) of new Facebook groups popping up each week
and it's hard to know which ones will work for you. The truth is that the group is only as strong as what each participant
puts into it and I'm happy to say I've got some really passionate creatives in the DCC!

Digital Creatives Clan Q&A Mondays Weekly Feature |

What Sets the Digital Creatives Clan Apart:
My Q&A Monday Video Feature

Every Monday afternoon I post a business or design related topic where you can ask absolutely any question related to it. A week later, I share my honest answers and allow you to see things demonstrated in real-time.

Since starting this feature in August 2016, there's already over two hours of exclusive video content available only to DCC members.

Want to see the DCC's very first Q&A session, All About Color??
Click here and use the password (rainbow) to watch the video.

Already taken Pro-Patterns & ready to sign up for the DCC? 

Just head directly to the DCC Facebook group and click the "Join Group" button.
Please be aware that it may take up to 3 days for you to be added to the group while I confirm your registration at Scrapaneers.

Interested in joining the DCC, but haven't taken a class yet? 

Consider signing up for the Scrapaneers LIVE! Pro event to gain access to the DCC. The best part is you'll not only be learning from me
during the live event, but from four other digital design industry leaders as well. It will be money well spent, trust me!