Do you want to gain back hours of valuable design time by learning
how to streamline your product planning process?

When I started as a digital scrapbook designer in 2010, I wasted so much time trying to create new products on the fly. That is until I realized how much time I could save if I built a solid product planning process. 

If you find yourself wanting more creative time
OR feel like you're always putting something together at the last minute, this guide can help.

In the Product Planning Guide, I walk you through step-by-step how to build a solid and easy-to-maintain product planning process. If you dedicate just a few hours over the next month and start implementing these tips into your own design workflow, you'll definitely begin to see its benefits!


Product Planning Guide for Digital Design Creatives |

The Product Planning Guide is broken down into three parts:

Product Planning Guide Part 1: Creating a Design Idea Library |

Part 1: Creating a
Design Idea Library

In this first section, I outline how you can build your own ideas library from scratch. It's a great way to make sure you never run out of ideas!

Product Planning Guide Part 2: Product Pre-Planning |

Part 2: Product

It's always prudent to plan ahead. In section 2,
I show some of my favorite brainstorming and organizational tactics to get you ready to design.

Product Planning Guide Part 3: Designing Your Product |

Part 3: Designing
Your Product

Everyone designs differently, so in the final section of the guide, I share five tips anyone can implement to streamline their design workflow.