Adopting Paisley

Well, we had a unexpectedly eventful weekend: on Saturday we adopted an 11 week old terrier/maltese rescue puppy.

My husband and I have wanted a dog ever since we've been living together (5 years), but with both of us at full-time jobs and living in an apartment that didn't allow animals, we knew we were in for a long wait. Well finally this weekend, our wait was over.

Paisley McNab: Our New Puppy |

Since making the switch from corporate graphic designer to a working-from-home scrapbook designer earlier this year, Jeff and I wondered if it would finally be doable to expand on our little family. So we contacted our landlord last month to see if he would reconsider and two weeks ago we got his reply. 

Who would have thought that within two weeks of us finally getting the green light on our dream to adopt a dog, that the dream would be realized.

We've only had Paisley for 3 days, but are head over heels in love with her already. And even though I'm already delirious with sleep deprivation and have been worrying myself silly that she's getting all she needs, my heart has never felt more full.

Thank you Paisley girl for entering our lives, we can't imagine our lives without you now!