My Skillshare Classes

I've always had a passion for sharing my design and creative business knowledge with others and I find there's no better way to do that than online classes. I strive to highlight important and sometimes underserved aspects of design to help you gain confidence in your skills.

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Stronger Patterns Made Easy

Run Time: 30 minutes

This class was created to help you solve your most annoying pattern problems. I'll show you simple ways to improve a design step-by-step, using actual patterns from my students. And each video is a self-contained tutorial, so you can learn each technique in 3-9 minutes flat. 


Pattern Recipes: How to Build Pattern Templates You Can Reuse

Run Time: 45 minutes

I've developed lots of tricks to squeeze more time out of my design schedule and one of my absolute favorites is pattern recipes. By putting in a little effort initially to create a template, I save myself hours of work for every instance where I reuse it.


How to Create Strong Coordinate Patterns

Run Time: 15 minutes

Having strong coordinating repeats are an important part of a well rounded portfolio, but secondary patterns are often glossed over quickly. In this mini class, I give you strategies you can easily apply to your own pattern portfolio.

Want some feedback for your portfolio or business? I also offer one-hour consultations.