Consultations for Designers & Small Business Creatives

There is something so rewarding about loving what you do, but sometimes we get too caught up in the day-to-day hustle and we forget the big picture. We may dream of a life where we can support ourselves through our artistic pursuits, yet many of us have no idea how to get there. The key to achieving your creative dreams is focus and accountability.

If you need someone to offer support and advice to help you work towards your next big goal
or gain clarity in your current business, I'd love to help!

I realize not all consultations are created equal, so here's a list of my strengths so you can better understand if I'm a good fit for you:

  • Surface and pattern design
  • Hand lettering and typography
  • Graphic design (especially branding and packaging)
  • Productivity and organization (using your work hours to their maximum potential)
  • Business analytics (to better understand what clients/customers want)
  • Goal setting & large project planning

If you're an artist or run a small creative business and think you would benefit from a consultation with me, please fill out the form below. Make sure to include what key topics you'd like to discuss. Consultation sessions last for one hour and are $120 payable in advance of our call.

Praise from Artists

"I've been going in circles, wading through the endless supply of art licensing advice for over a year now. Talking with Shannon helped me to finally process all of this information and find a clear path for my career! She reviewed my work, helped me figure out which markets to target, and gave me such invaluable tips/advice that I feel more empowered and excited to nurture my business than ever."

Holly Bender, illustrator

"Shannon had great advice the share with me about preparing for my first year at Surtex. She is so sweet
and helpful and helped me to get my head around such
a daunting task. Her insights and organizational skills
are priceless!"

Suzanne Blanck of Blanck Slate

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