One-on-One Artist Consultations

Shannon McNab | photo by Jessica Safko

Being a self-employed designer can be the most rewarding career out there, but it’s not without it’s frustrations.

Color palette indecision, developing a focused portfolio, pricing confusion, social media woes, or radio silence after sending emails. Sound familiar???

Every surface designer deals with things like these at some point; it’s just one of the realities of running your own business. The good news is that most times, you’ll be able to find your own solutions to the challenges you’re facing.

However, if you feel like you need someone to offer advice or clarity
to your surface design goals or support as you start your career, I want to help you!

Why I’m Passionate About Helping Artists

Shannon McNab | photo by Jessica Safko

I started my surface design career in late 2016. In the three years since, I’ve licensed or sold almost 40 designs and worked on over 20 different client projects. Last year, I increased my income 235% from 2017, exceeding my personal goal of doubling it!

None of that success would have been possible without my years of previous design experience and the many mentors I sought out for creative and business advice. I’ve learned so much in the industry and now I want to pay it forward as much as I can!

Topics I Can Help You With:

  • Portfolio review and/or development

  • Trade shows: What to do before, during & after

  • Building a marketing plan & finding buyers

  • Time management strategies

  • Organization & improving your workflow

  • Creating an action plan for your goals

  • Budgeting & finances for a healthy business

  • Complex patterns & textural illustration in AI

Schedule Your Consultation

Each one hour session is $125. Payment is due 1 week prior to the call.

After payment is received, you’ll receive a simple questionnaire to help me provide the most effective feedback for you during our 1-hour call.

Following our session, you’ll receive a summary of our discussion, including links to any resources we discuss.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you grow your business!

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Praise from Artists

My consultation with Shannon was extremely helpful! Her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry are evident and she provided me with lots of practical advice.  She also reviewed my portfolio and provided me with insights on what I could do to make it more cohesive, marketable, and organized.  I felt a little nervous going into this consultation, but Shannon made me feel totally at ease with her warm personality and supportive nature.”

Jen Koym, Surface Designer & Co-Founder of the Surface Pattern Design Community FB Group

"Shannon had great advice the share with me about preparing for my first year at Surtex.
She is so sweet and helped me to get my head around such a daunting task. Her insights and organizational skills are priceless!"

Suzanne Blanck, Surface Designer & Surtex 2018 1st Time Exhibitor

"I've been going in circles, wading through the endless supply of art licensing advice
for over a year now. Talking with Shannon helped me to finally process all of this information
and find a clear path for my career! She reviewed my work, helped me figure out which markets
to target, and gave me such invaluable tips/advice that I feel more empowered and excited to
nurture my business than ever."

Holly Bender, Illustrator

“Shannon was focused and forthcoming in answering all my questions during my consultation. She instantly put me at ease with her affable manner and provided constructive feedback on my work and valuable insights into the business of pattern design. Meeting with Shannon has definitely given me a needed boost in moving my business forward.”

Cory Deibert, Surface Pattern Designer