Trade Show Resources Survey


I’m working on my next Skillshare class about trade shows and it’s shaping up to be a great class. But I wondered if there was even more I could do to help artists prepare for their first trade show. I have a few ideas, but I need YOUR help to decide which direction to go in!

Have you ever exhibited at a trade show? *
Please include ONLY the shows you exhibited at (not just attended).
Please choose the most recent show you plan on exhibiting at.
Would you be interested in receiving help from me as you prepare for a trade show? *
My goal is to help you streamline show prep and reduce your stress by providing lots of actionable content and easy-to-use resources. You'd receive information on a monthly or bi-weekly basis where I would share advice on when to design/purchase/set up everything related to the show.
What areas of trade show prep do you feel you need the most help with? *
Choose UP TO 3 options. PLEASE NOTE: This question is specifically geared towards trade shows, not general surface design business help.
Which type of offering would you prefer? *
OPTION 1 | Mastermind: A hands-on approach offering continuous support and direct access to ask questions. OPTION 2 | Self Paced Course: At-your-own-pace approach allowing you complete autonomy.
Please include the total amount, not the per month amount.
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